Welcome to my Big Bang Theory transcripts site. I intend to eventually feature transcripts for every episode of the hit American sit-com. Those that are complete are featured on the side-bar. Please feel free to browse through them at your leisure.

Note: Everything should now be up to date to the end of series 9. Sorry I’ve been a little behind during this year, life sometimes catches up with you!

Note: I’ve just discovered, through the site stats, that a developer in Brazil called Marcelo Ricardo de Oliviera has created a nifty little app for Windows 7 phones that translates this site and displays it rather nicely. If you have a Windows 7 phone and want to find out more about this, you can find it here: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/windows-phone-7/TBBT.aspx. Thanks, Marcelo, grand job!


~ by Ash on March 28, 2009.

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  1. Are you still updating these ?

  2. Hello, just wanted to thank you for posting these transcripts =D

    I started writing them up myself becase I thoroughly enjoy the show.

    I look more episode transcripts to be posted.

    Thank you.

  3. You just saved me a whole lot of time with your transcripts, thank you so much! 😀

  4. In S01E11 the German sentence Sheldon is saying must be:

    Sheldon: It was tornado season. And it was an aluminium house. Anyway, the housekeeper in the faculty residence didn’t speak any English, when I finally managed to convince her I was sick, she said “Möchtest Du eine Darmspülung”

  5. idk, many thanks, I have updated that now. Not speaking German, but speaking a bit of Dutch, I tried to figure it out phonetically but I was never confident I’d got it right!

  6. Thank you so much for your hard work!! It’s much appreciated and helps a lot for those people whose native language is not English (people like me). Congrats and thank you very very much!

  7. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! This is my favorite show, and I’m always trying to remember the funny things LSRH say – because they are SO funny. I really appreciate your time and effort. And if I could make a suggestion … it would be so great to have a “search” function that would let visitors find the exact quote when they can only remember part of it (like searching on “upper body strength” would give you “you have the upper body strength of a Keebler Elf.” Thanks again!

  8. Grazie mille! (Thank you so much!)
    Li uso con i sottotitoli e aiutano molto (I use your transcript with Italian subtitles…helps a lot)

    un bacio (a kiss)


  9. There is a screen at the end of each episode and it comes on so fast I cannot read it. I did catch the first sentence tonight saying “You know you are old when…” Do you know where I can find the whole page? Thanks for any help you can give me.

  10. That is the Chuck Lorre vanity card. He puts these on the end of all his programmes (they come at the end of Two and a Half Men as well, and used to appear on Dharma and Greg, Cybill and Grace under Fire). He reproduces them all on his website. The web address is http://www.chucklorre.com/index-bbt.php

  11. Thank you for this! Great job, by the way. Are you still updating the site?

  12. When I found this site I was SO happy! Thank you so much for doing this, it makes my day. Now I can look up stuff I forgot about. I can’t thank you enough!

  13. PLEASE I need The Precious Fragmentation and The Wheaton Recurrence! And Pants Alternative too, of course. Sorry I can’t donate I’m in high school and would have to use my parent’s money.

  14. Do you know how nice are you?

    A big TNX is what I have to give you

  15. Series 2 Episode 20 – The Hofstadter Isotope

    Leonard: To the comic book store. You’re probably thinking, the comic book store? On a Thursday? Why, I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and into a land of madness. What you have failed to take into account, Penny, is that this is Anything Can Happen Thursday.

    It was actually Sheldon who said that, not Leonard.

  16. thank you buddy
    nice job

  17. thank you so much,as the series 4 will be back soon ,i hope you can still do the transcript thing,i’m Veronica from China and i want have a good knowledge of English!hha ~

  18. more please!! 🙂

  19. I know in one episode Raj made the reference that Leonard should date the girl from Blossom. Does anyone know which one?

  20. I’ve found an error:

    Leonard: To the comic book store. You’re probably thinking, the comic book store? On a Thursday? Why, I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and into a land of madness. What you have failed to take into account, Penny, is that this is Anything Can Happen Thursday.

    It was actually Sheldon who said this, not Leonard.

  21. dis is serial super. plies download nu series

  22. I love your transcripts. I was just wondering if you were going to finish them or not.

  23. Hey!

    This site is great. And I know how cumbersome and difficult this process is. I am a big fan too – and I have also prepared transcripts (never published them though!). I would love to help you out with season 4 transcripts. Let me know (you have my email)

  24. Season 4 please! I love these, thank you so much.

  25. AWESOME! Thanks!


  27. I really like Zack in the Justice League. He’s a more well-rounded chracter now. I like him better than Amy!

  28. thx so much! I just love the show, and I appreciate your work. just wanted to let you know
    uh, btw – S2E21 it should say (Raj):
    This is the real happiest place on Earth.

  29. I’m really impressed with the amount of work here. I have one question/suggestion: I don’t know if there’s such a widget in wordpress, but it’d be cool to have a search engine in your blog. For instance, I remember part of a quote, but I’d like to be able to find in which episode it was…

  30. Really appreciate the work you put into this. Love the development of Amy as a character, second funniest after Sheldon these days!

  31. First I have to say thanks for your (obviously big amount) of great work here. Then I got a correction for you: In “Series 2 Episode 02 – The Codpiece Topology” right at the beginning it has to be Reinheitsgebot, not Rhineheitsgebot, since it comes from purity, not the river

  32. First I have to say thanks for your great (and obviously big amount of) work here. Then I got a correction for you: In “Series 2 Episode 02 – The Codpiece Topology” right at the beginning it has to be Reinheitsgebot, not Rhineheitsgebot, since it comes from purity, not the river
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  33. thank you for putting all these up! i’m going to find every sheldon quote in existence on here

  34. Great work! It’s very helpful.

  35. Really great work you have done!
    thank u very much

  36. Some minor mistakes that I’ve found:


    Sheldon: If the height of a single step is off by as little as two millimetres, people will trip.

    should be

    Sheldon: If the height of a single step is off by as little as two millimetres, most people will trip.

    Sheldon: […] In the summer it’s directly in the path of a cross breeze created by open windows there, and there.

    should be

    Sheldon: […] In the summer it’s directly in the path of a cross breeze created by opening windows there, and there.


    Leonard: So, you sort of act as a carbohydrate delivery system.

    should be

    Leonard: So, you kind of act as a carbohydrate delivery system.


    Penny: It’s just, it’s my pattern. I break up, then I find some cute guy, and then it’s just thirty six meaningless of… well, you know.

    should be

    Penny: It’s just, it’s my pattern. I break up, then I find some cute guy, and then it’s just thirty six meaningless hours of… you know.

    [From author] Thanks. Going through them and will fix them up. Doing the first episode I found a couple of other small things so I’ll fix the others and check them over as well later.

  37. What a WONDERFUL job! I am now a Chinese college student,I am so into this serial. These transcripts help me a lot. Thank you very much!!! God bless you all!!!

  38. Thank you, it’s rare to find people like you, who are so nice and contribute in some way without being asked, and without demanding payment. You really are the best.

  39. I just found your blog and it’s great what you do. You really do a great job.

  40. Thank you.
    but I wanna see this site in my iPad.

  41. Hi, Prestige. Sorry, I have no idea why you wouldn’t be able to see it on an iPad, or how I would make it happen. I’m not that technically savvy, this site is basically built by using one of the standard wordpress themes. If anyone else knows what the problem is, or how you would solve it, feel free to post and I’ll see what I can do about it.

  42. Okay, I looked in the dashboard, but that seems to already be enabled.


  44. THANK YOU!!! this is my favorite show and I love being able to find all of sheldons quotes. I do hope more episodes will be published.

  45. You should make an iPhone app, I would buy that.

  46. Can we expect the final episodes of season 4 soon? I would be so happy to have all transcripts.

  47. What a great site! Thank you so much for your work!
    – Rodrigo from Switzerland

  48. Dude, this is a great site you put together.

    I just think that, you know, you should try to be more descriptive of some scenes. I looked up some transcripts and some parts of them are like they’re all only talking back and forth, doing nothing in the process (the bowling scenes in “The Wheaton Recurrence” are a great example of this). Let me give you an example of said episode:

    All (chanting): Shel-don! Shel-don! Shel-don! Shel-don!
    Sheldon: Excuse me. I don’t know who you’re chanting for as I am currently the ball.
    All (chanting): The ball! The ball! The ball! The ball! The ball! The ball!
    [Sheldon bowls and gets a strike]
    Sheldon: Thank you, Jesus! …As my mother would say.

    Note the punctuation, it’s important to have intonation markers. Of course, you may use square brackets, to differentiate from the intonation indicators, or you could stick with round brackets to maintain the format, but– er, sorry for my sudden Sheldon-ness.

    Anyway, kudos for the site, man. Keep up the pace.

  49. thanks a lot, these transcripts are very useful for me. Thanks a lot !!!!!!

  50. WOW Thank you so much for these! I know how much hard work transcription can be so wow, thank you for the effort that’s gone into these. Now I can easily look up my favourite quotes, and fill in gaps left by the subtitles 🙂

  51. Do you need some help on these? I’d be glad to help.

  52. A quick correction for Series 2 Episode 08: The Lizard-Spock Expansion:

    The line you have is:
    Girl: You’re not gonna see me now.

    The line SHOULD be:
    Girl: You’re not done seeing me now.

  53. I want to make known my deep gratitude for your services! Hope you keep them coming. 🙂

  54. I had started transcripting the episodes for me, because I never hoped i could find these.
    Now that i have found your site…. I love these transcripts. thank YOU.
    (FYI: sorry for my bad english; I’m just capable oft understanding not speaking)

  55. Greetings,

    It seems that episode 23 transcript is not complete.

    Thank you for your amazing transcripts !!!

  56. Thank you again for keeping this up-to-date! Because of all the technical terms used on the show, I find this really useful. You are great! 🙂

  57. Check your “mobile website” version… I cannot find posts using an iPhone

  58. Hi Wisam – I wasn’t even aware I had a mobile website version. I don’t know a lot about the technical stuff, this is hosted on a wordpress site so if they don’t handle it, I have no idea how to!

  59. When will you have the Season 5 episodes up?

  60. Thanks for all the hard work that you’ve put into this site. Now I can find out what ‘naughty’ words Channel 4 in the UK has cut out!

    To the people who want a search facility for these transcripts, just use Google. Type in the words you can remember from the quote you’re looking for, and add this:


  61. This is awesome! Thanks for all the hard work friend!

  62. Good job, really. Thanks 🙂

  63. I like this page because it appears all dialogs and all songs from The Big Bang Theory, thanks!!!!!!!! ♥

  64. Keep up the great work!! These are a great read, and neat to use while watching the reruns!!

  65. Thank u for the posts,u are doin a remarkably good work

  66. Found a little mistake in Series 5 Episode 06 – The Rhinitis Revelation:

    Mrs Cooper: Well, I can’t spend twelve hundred dollars on a handbag, but it’s free to look upon those who do with righteous condemnation.

    She says “thousand”, not “hundred”.

  67. This is definitely the Holy Grail!

  68. Great job on these! We’re counting on you to continue!

  69. thak you so much i need that

  70. Just wanted to say thank you.

  71. WOW this is handy, I’m doing a linguistics project on how humour is created in big bang theory, I guess I’ll be spending a lot of time on this blog!

  72. Dude, congratulations and thank you so much!

  73. try google adsense or cpm ads to make some cash as you are doing a grand job and must be having a lot of visitors

  74. I’m working on a presentation about social cues and want to use a BBT episode to emphasize my point. Which episode do you think best represents how inept Sheldon is in this area?

    • By the way, I forgot to add that I’m very jealous of your project; you are able to justify watching TBBT videos as ‘research’! I wish I had such an opportunity 😛
      Anyway, good luck on your presentation!
      (Scroll down below to find my real reply, I didn’t know this website had a direct reply feature as not many people have taken advantage of it so far.)

  75. Hello Jennifer Morabito,

    You could try the episode where Sheldon is trying to figure out wether and how he crossed a line in “The Jiminy Conjecture”, Season 03 Episode 02. This might be a good one to use because it shows how long it takes him to realize that he’s done something socially unacceptable. You could use two specific parts of the episode; one where he tells Penny everything Leonard said about Penny and Leonard’s disappointing first sexual encounter (you don’t need to worry about inappropriateness if you’re doing this for school, after all, it’s Sheldon who is doing the talking ^^), and two where he tells Penny that she and Leonard can always go back to being friends, and when Leonard is upset at this, he tries for a short while to determine which ‘line’ he crossed, but eventually ends up exclaiming “Oh, who cares?!”.

    Another episode that might be nice to show would be “The Financial Permeability” (0214). This one is relevant to your topic and is hilarious, because Sheldon is trying to figure out wether Penny’s first statement (“I hope I’m a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory my whole life.”) was sarcasm, and then tries to find out wether her reply to his inquiry (“Was that sarcasm?”) was sarcasm, and so on (ad infinitum, if Leonard hadn’t intervened). Here’s a youtube clip that shows the whole thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fJSxbVSKLw
    But maybe showing the few seconds before the scene in the youtube video would also be interesting as Sheldon is trying to lecture Leonard on “how to move a conversation forward” which is very ironic (although someone new to the big bang theory might not have enough background to appreciate that scene, so maybe just showing them the youtube video would be more effective).

    Finally, I have one more suggestion; the second episode of the series (“The Big Bran Hypothesis”) shows us Sheldon breaking into Penny’s apartment at night in order to clean. This episode (maybe because it was one of the first in the series) is ripe with examples of how inept Sheldon is socially. The first case would be when he tells Penny (“You don’t have to live like this. I’m here for you.”). This is funny and an example because you don’t tell someone you’ve just met something like that. Leonard ends up dragging him away under while explaining to Penny “It was a joke”. The second scene is while they are actually in the apartment at night. This is a good scene to show with Sheldon showing his complete lack of understanding for what is socially acceptable. If you decide to use this last example, I suggest using the whole sequence; from when Leonard goes next door and finds Sheldon secretly cleaning her apartment, to the scene the next morning when Penny comes in and confronts them. Make sure to show everything right up to the bit where she asks Sheldon “And what kind of doctor removes shoes from asses?” (a rhetorical question) and Sheldon gives her a serious answer until Leonard holds up a sarcasm sign. Here is this the sequence on YouTube (excluding the bit at night when they are actually cleaning, you might want to add that in from another youtube video).

    I hope my examples helped and that it was not too late.
    TBBT Otaku

  76. In Series 2 Episode 13 – The Friendship Algorithm – it should be “Sheldon, I’m not going to defend a big balled raccoon.” – It’s a racoon with enlarged testicles, it isn’t hairless.

  77. Thank you so much, my friend, and keep up the good work! Your blog has helped me in winning an article prize: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/306758/The-Big-Bang-Transcripts-Viewer

  78. The feeling i felt when i stumbled upon this sight. . . was better than winning the Lotto !!! I absfudging lutely LOVE The Big Bang Theory and thanks to you. . . we will never be apart :D, yeah i can go a little overboard, but that is how much joy this sight has brought, so a Big Thank-You for all the hard work you out into it !!!!!

  79. Spent weeks thinking of where a certain quote came from until i found this! Thanks 🙂

  80. What a wonderful work! It helps a lot!
    Please keep this amazing work! (:

  81. sometimes gratitude is to small of a word ..this is one of them

  82. you should add a like or share button to Facebook

  83. Awesome! I never thought this existed.
    I am a CS student. Would you mind if I used the transcripts in a personal non-commercial application that I am developing for practice?

  84. This is amazing work!!!

    If you need an editor, I need time to kill at work (which is were I read these.

    Missing words
    Incorrect words
    Minor misspelling

    Great Job!!!

  85. Great work!

    And probably lots of it, so:

    !!!THANK’S A LOT!!!

    Keep it up, best from Germany!

  86. Thank you so much for making this transcript. I love watching TBT. I watched it over and over again. I memorized some of the lines too! And reading Transcript is much better! Keep it up!

  87. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. I wanted to drop by to say thanks for providing fans, like myself, of ‘Big Bang’ with this site. It clearly takes a lot of time and effort and I appreciate what you do. I visit regularly (after almost every episode to be honest) just to read up on things I feel I missed during viewing or things I didn’t completely understand (what with all the American and Science/Sci-Fi references etc.) then I’ll do the research to make things more clear to me. Please keep up the good work, very helpful.

    From a big fan in England.

  88. Amazing blog! Recently, i made a web app to visualize the big bang theory transcript, all transcript texts come from your blog, may i use them in my website? the site is not done yet, but you can have a look at http://tbbtsubs.sinaapp.com/. Thanks!

  89. The WP7 App equivalent for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mirco.tbbtt

  90. Hello! Thank you so much for the site! I would like to know if you have anything against me possibly using some of your transcripts in a Bachelor’s Thesis? I would of course give you all the credit for it and perhaps give a small donation for your hard work.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Arja – no problem, but as I’ve said in reply to a few others who have asked this, credit should really go not to me but to the original scriptwriters of each episode. (You can find out who they are on wikipedia).

      • Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I will of course include both you and the originals to the sources 🙂

  91. your grand job is truly appreciated.

    with love from Uk

  92. this site is fabulous. i get so much use out of it. i’m starting my own blog with the same idea focused around the show Modern Family. I am currently typing them out word for word myself and I was wondering if you do that or have a source from which you get the scripts. Thanks.

  93. Thanks for all your hard work! As a non-native English speaker I look up words that I don’t know — such as ‘ablutions’ in The Plimpton Stimulation. Your site is a great help with that.
    I just looked up ‘put-put course’ (The Luminous Fish Effect), googled that term to see what it is, and noticed that you misspelled it. Apparentrly, it’s putt-putt.
    I don’t mean to be rude; just trying to help! (Thanks, again, for this site!)

  94. Hey. I’m a brazilian girl and your job help me a lot to understand everything they say. Thank you for spend your time doing this amazing thing. I hope you keep doing this. And again, thanks.

  95. Hi Ash, thanks for all the work you’ve put into transcribing all of these episodes. I’m currently trying to improve my English (not my mother tongue) and this site is very helpful when I’m not able to find particular words in my dictionary.

    I found the following tiny mistake in episode 1.07 – The Dumpling Paradox.
    Howard: So, what do you say, you wanna repair to Castle Wolowitz?

    It should be “Casa Wolowitz”. That’s why Christie thinks he’s talking about a Mexican deli. 😉

  96. Seen this GREAT app?


    Thanks for your great work, keep it going please. Peter from Switzerland

  97. hey, this is my first time find such a useful website. You had done lots of work! Thank you so much for provide others like me poor english learner a convenient way to study this drama. Thank for all the time you spent on doing this!!! Soooooo nice!

  98. Another tiny one in 2.03 – The Barbarian Sublimation. “Flankenzie” should be “flanken Sie”, “Sie” being the German polite form of “you”.

  99. Thanks from the mysterious subcontinent of India 🙂
    Great Job! I regularly follow your site.

  100. hey! I just wanna thank you for this website, it’s so awesome.
    About your last update, the last two episodes do show up, but at the top of the menu.

  101. “Update 12/07/2013: All episodes are now transcribed, however, I have noticed that the last two do not appear to be showing up on the menu.”

    These two episodes are on the very top of the menu.

    Thanks for the great work.

  102. Thanks for doing all the work on your site. This being my favorite comedy in years in is really apprecidated. I am retired military and will kick a few dollars your way after the first of the month.

    Thanks again.

  103. Thank you so very much. YOu save me lots of time while editing the TBBT wikia.


  104. Thank you!

  105. Just… great! Thank you so so much for this transcripts. I really love the show… I’m spanish and I have learned so much english with the episodes, and now I can read them too!! It’s absolutely awesome! : D

  106. I’m from india …..love this site ..tbbt is like my most favourite tv show.

  107. I’m from Japan.
    This site helps me study English very much.
    Thank you!!!

  108. This is great, especially for people who are unable to watch the show! I just discovered your site and have already thrown a few bucks your way. I will continue to follow and support your efforts. Thanks so much!!! Please keep up the good work! -Texas

  109. Hi, I just wanted to say thank you very much for providing these transcripts for one of my favourite TV shows. The amount of effort to have accomplished all this is incredible, and I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling the gratitude towards you. Just one thing, I noticed the transcripts for S7E15 and S7E16 are the same – you accidentally placed the text for ‘The Locomotive Manipulation’ into ‘The Table Polarisation’? (Fixed now – Ash) Anyway, thanks again for a great site!

  110. Hello, I’m yet another of your followers: very grateful for the work you’ve accomplished. Being a non-English native speaker, it allows me to fully enjoy the show, expand my vocabulary and explore the references I don’t know but manage to follow thanks to this website.
    Looking forward to episode 17-20 from season 7!!!!

  111. This became my bible. Thank you so much for your hard work, I assume it is not easy to keep this updated, but this is so helpful.
    You are really helping people all around the world that needs to have transcripts to catch every single line of the show in its original language. Thank you so much!

  112. Great site!
    I notice an error in the transcript for the Pilot episode. When explaining his whiteboard, Sheldon refers to the “Born Oppenheimer approximation”, not the “Bourne Oppenheimer approximation”. The “Born” is for physicist Max Born.

  113. You are amazing. I can’t tell you how helpful this site has been. Thanks.

  114. Great job hope you get time for posting season 8 scripts soon cant wait for them

  115. This is so cool good job mate, is there anyway to improve the search so you can search by characters?

  116. Three new episodes right before I have to go back to work? It’s still Christmas! I love you!!!

  117. Seems like OP has been busy…I used to come here quite often and i thought i’d visit again today, only to find that it’s rather outdated. Keep up the good work, buddy! Your work is greatly appreciated!

  118. Excellent yet modest work, I’m learning French and Spanish and as such watch the series in multiple languages but often I find that I do not accurately hear what they say and subtitles do not provide a verbatim transcript, please link me to any similar great sites like yours that display transcripts in French or Spanish. 🙂

  119. Hi, excellent job, I use this for my students of English pronunciation. Does anybody know who to contact/ask for permission if I wanted to use short soundclips and their transcripts in a scholarly publication?

  120. Thank you so much for posting these! You save me a lot of effort of having to go through the hassle with subtitles and not being able to hear what’s being said. Thanks again and I hope that you continue to write these up; you’ve saved my life! Thanks again! 🙂

  121. I’d like your permission to place a link to your blog on my website. Please email me to discuss. Thanks.

  122. This is more of a question for everyone. What was the Big Bang episode in which Sheldon compares two versions of Windows. He says one is harder than the other and he says, “I like that.” I would like to get the exact quote and a citation for a blog post I am writing. Thanks.

    • Sandy,
      Season 3, episode 13, The Bozeman Reaction –
      Sheldon: My new computer came with Windows 7. Windows 7 is much more user-friendly than Windows Vista. I don’t like that.

  123. Regarding the titles of each episode…….where does it say ;for example…… ” The Bozeman Reaction” etc. I’ve recorded many of these and slowed down the credits and the writing the producer adds at the end but it’s nowhere to be seen. Hope I’m wrong.
    I discovered TBBT in 2011 it was great catching up back then…now we have to wait.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Mike

      Just to be clear, the show titles appear in TV Guide listings and if you watch the shows with subtitles on they also appear. I don’t think they appear on screen during the shows themselves, but they are the official titles provided by the production company.

  124. Thank you!! good job!! 🙂

  125. Thanks so much for these! So amazing! I’m using them to learn Spanish and French, watching in those languages and following along with the transcript so I know what’s going on 🙂

  126. Thankyou for a superb job. Sometimes the actors are “confusing” (Melissa – I love you, but your character’s voice is way out of my hearing range) and I miss so much.

  127. Hey I want to thank you for your effort! I am huge fan of this show for years and now using the scripts to improve my English. Thank you so much!

  128. Hi. I just wanted to thank you for a long time for posting the transcripts. I appreciate it so much.
    Have a good one!

  129. Hi I just wanted to say I love the transcripts there amazing. Will you be doing Young Sheldon?

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